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John Singleton Mosby

Virginia Lawyer star Colonel - 43rd Battalion Virginia Cavalry
The "Gray Ghost" star Campaign Manager for U.S. Grant
President Rutherford B. Hayes' Consul to Hong Kong

American Battlefield
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Mosby and his men captured three Union officers, including Brig. Gen. Edwin H. Stoughton. In his memoirs (above pg 175) he wrote that he found Stoughton in bed:

"There was no time for ceremony, so I drew up the bedclothes, pulled up the general's shirt, and gave him a spank on his bare back, and told him to get up. As his staff officer was standing by me, Stoughton did not realize the situation and thought that somebody was taking a rude familiarity with him. He asked in an indignant tone what all this meant. I told him that he was a prisoner, and that he must get up quickly and dress. I then asked him if he had ever heard of 'Mosby', and he said he had. 'I am Mosby,' I said. 'Stuart's cavalry has possession of the Court House; be quick and dress.' "

Mosby and his 29 men had captured a Union general, two captains, 30 enlisted men, and 58 horses without firing a shot. Mosby was formally promoted to the rank of captain two days later, on March 15, 1863, and major on March 26, 1863.

Warrenton Cemetery, 1963

Son John, Jr.
Son Beverly
Daughter Ava
Daughter Pauline
The Brazdas Visit Mosby's Confederacy,
Grave & House (1963)

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